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Working With You To Provide Relevant Business Advice

Relevant business advice Business Support that is relevant for your business

We pride ourselves on very quickly understanding your business and its particular  issues.

We never forget that it is your business and you have probably spent a tremendous amount of time and effort to keep it running. By talking to us we can help you drive the business forward.

Many business owners choose to use an adviser because they need a fresh pair of eyes, somebody who can help them 'step back' and view things differently, somebody who can bring fresh thinking and new ideas.

We can work with you to develop cost effective strategies to provide the solutions you need to help develop your business.

The majority of our clients realise that they are too busy working in the business and need some additional help so they can spend more time working on the business, looking at the development opportunities which never seem to get fully exploited.

Reliable Business Support from C.A.B. Consulting

"I am completely aware the growth and success in my business would not have been possible without somebody like Clive in the co-pilot’s seat. He is honest, reliable, and with principles that I find enormously refreshing. His people management skills have been an enormous asset, his business head has meant that I always have a reliable sounding board in times of major decision-making, he has quietly and calmly become an indispensable asset to the company." - Tracy Gates click here to read our testimonials




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Could we work together?

We believe you need to identify whether there is a 'good chemistry' with any potential supplier particularly business advice. We are very happy to meet with you to discuss your issues and opportunities to see whether we could work together.

Please phone us on 07766 382268 to arrange the initial free no obligation meeting to discuss how business advice from an external supplier could help improve your business and increase profitability.

If you need further reassurance please checkout what some of our clients have said about us. We are happy to provide contact details for anybody listed. - click here to read our testimonials.